About Us

SGScart offers programming and design services for e-commerce stores built on the Zen Cart platform, a powerful open source shopping cart system. SGScart aims at providing web services that follow standardized way for integration. We are making a continuous effort to bring the power of latest trends in technologies to our customers.

We can develop custom modules in Zen Cart as required by client and can give development - maintenance support for Zen Cart Websites.

Web development is a continual process that needs constant innovation to keep up with advancing technology. We're continually pushing the envelope with our plugins by introducing faster and practical solutions. We do provide security to our services such as access control, authentication, data integrity and privacy as and when required.

Our Vision

We believe that e-commerce should be as simple as possible for both the customer and webmaster. By building best Zen Cart applications and web services, we promote our clients’ success while striving to be one of the most highly respected and sought after web development agencies in the open source e-commerce web development industry.

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